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WeUI is a set of basic style libraries that are consistent with WeChat’s native visual experience. The WeChat official design team tailored the WeChat web pages and WeChat applets to make the user’s perception of use more unified.

WeUI-Design is a set of basic visual style libraries designed by the WeChat official design team that are consistent with WeChat’s native visual experience. Currently, Sketch and PSD basic style library source files are provided. Developers or designers can use WeUI-Design for prototype design and visual design of WeChat Web development.

WeUI is an WeChat-like UI framework officially designed by the WeChat Design Team, tailor-made for WeChat Web development, in order to improve and standardize the experience for WeChat users. Including components such as buttoncelldialog、 progress、 toastarticleactionsheeticon.



Mobile demo



Legacy version 1.x: https://weui.io/1.x

Legacy version 0.4.x: https://weui.io/0.4.x

Sketch version

Recommended not lower than v40


  • Ping Fang / PingFang SC (Mac OS X EI Caption, version 10.11 and above built-in system)
  • SF UI Display (requires Apple’s official website to download, address: https://developer.apple.com/fonts/)


  • Siyuan Blackbody / NotoSans CJK SC (Accessory has resources)
  • Roboto (accessories have resources)

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